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New IRC Channel

first post: Excitium wrote: We have moved to IronDust.

Feature Ideas

first post: Excitium wrote: Anyone got any?

latest post: Drluigi wrote: I forgot one thing: The music composer should be able to import midis.

Custom NPC Scripting

first post: fbrookie wrote: Scripting NPCs could be done with a high level language, using the ...

Planning (Coding Task List)

first post: smcgamer wrote: The first thing I'd like to plan out is version numbering, just so ...

latest post: smcgamer wrote: So, I've been thinking. We're not really sure of what anyone else ...

Alpha Testing (New!)

first post: smcgamer wrote: Current Alpha Testing: Sanity CheckThis ones needs a little explana...

latest post: smcgamer wrote: Excellent!

Development Status (Current Version: Alpha 0.00 rev. 3)

first post: smcgamer wrote: Progress!I know, I'm just as shocked as you are.I've started work o...

latest post: Darknova wrote: Woah, I thought this project was dead.But that's really good news a...

IRC Chat

first post: Excitium wrote: Hi, here is the link for IRC chatting. This is where we will host m...

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