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Things to do (as of 0.02)

If there is anything else you think should be here, please add it. Also put what version we should aim to complete things by, and if you are currently working on something put your name next to the item.


  • Get collision working
    • X-axis collision
    • Slopes
    • Sending events to the colliding tile or sprite
  • Networking
  • Game recording
    • Video recording (see VideoRecorder.cs)
    • Demo recording (see Recorder.cs) every 1 or 2 frames, record location and write to a file.
  • Game replaying
  • NPC Scripting
    • NPC Editor
  • Level Editor (email fbrookie - already some progress)
  • Finish level file loading / saving
  • (Later) Create SMBX to SML file converter
  • Accessing content out of game (e.g. loading all content to AppData/Local/Temp directory, for use by players) (see comment above)
  • Menus (need graphics)


  • Define pallets, sizing and spacing for graphics
  • Get object graphics together.
  • Make tile data file for all tiles
  • Create example scripts for some NPCs
  • (Later) Create levels.

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